Living Magnificence

Life & Business Coaching with Yeshi Choedon

Life & Business Coaching for Women

Living Magnificence is a unique blend of coaching that embraces
Empowerment • Personal Development • Femininity • Mindset • Spirituality • Radical Brilliance • Business Abundance
Receive insightful and practical guidance to integrate and embody all aspects of the deep feminine so you can live the life you truly love and be of service to others.

Living Magnificence inspires you to grow beyond your limits so that your brilliant innate creative potential can flow freely in whatever way you choose.

Living Magnificence offers you an experience of your deep true nature so that your thinking, feeling and actions are integrated and one with life.

Living Magnificence gives you ways to realize and embody your unique gifts so that you can live a life of meaning, love and happiness and make a positive impact in the world.

I know that at some time in our lives we all experience the fear of not being good enough, caught in judging thoughts and limiting emotions that can stop us from manifesting what we desire, whether its in our professional activity, everyday choices, or intimate relationship.
But perhaps even bigger and unconscious is our fear of being in our power and our magnificence, giving all of ourselves and receiving the full abundance of life.

The question is, who do you serve when you’re holding yourself back? Yourself? Your partner? Your family? your colleague? You get me? It is so common to fear being rejected by others if we are happy and if we let our brilliant creative light shine. We have been taught that humility and holding back is a virtue. But what is the result if we all play small instead of giving our gifts to enrich the world and one another? Is it time to acknowledge your inner wealth? Your unique beauty is a precious gift! Who will bring your dreams into the world if you don’t?

I know that if you make a radical step and acknowledge that you are the creator of your reality then you can create the life you love.

Welcome to
Living Magnificence

My name is Yeshi Choedon

For over 15 years I’ve been holding a safe space supporting women and couples in times of personal and professional challenges. As a coach I have helped countless people to release limiting belief systems to transform their lives and manifest their visions.

So how did I get into this work?

As a child I was labelled oversensitive, and I learned to hide my feelings. Then as a young woman I felt judged when I was powerful, intuitive and wise; so I learned to hold back. I just didn’t feel good enough and I was identified with limiting beliefs and trying to meet the expectations of others. I was trying to please everybody, just to be loved, and over and over again I was suppressing my own feelings and desires. No one could meet the real me as I simply wasn’t present.

At the age of 21, when a close girl friend suddenly ended our friendship I woke up in the rejection and pain of loosing someone that I dearly loved. This inspired me to travel into the wilderness of East Africa to get deeper in touch with that “real me“ and with what I had to give. Thankfully on this journey I found not only my inner potential but something even deeper – I had an awakening to my true nature … spaciousness and love.

As a consequence I was not willing to play small any longer so I kept following the path of freedom and happiness. Over the years I discovered how good it felt to be authentic, showing myself in both my vulnerability and my power. I explored with other women how femininity could be lived in all aspects of life. I uncovered that this is the key for us women to be able to live a life that is blessed with love and abundance.

I went through a deep transformation with the support of skilled coaches and many beautiful people that gifted me with their pure presence. I feel infinite gratitude to now live a life that I love and do the work that sets my heart on fire and gives me endless joy.

I’m here to support you in creating a life that you love!

I am currently based near Berlin, offering face2face sessions, but it really doesn’t matter where you are on the planet! I’ll work with you anywhere, as long as you’re online!


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This is What Others Say About Me

“To be and work with Yeshi is always an unbelievably enriching and fulfilling experience … you can feel this in the deep love, respect and appreciation she has for other people. I was lucky to witness her several times guiding clients with so much sensitivity, strength and clarity through their darkest places. The deep knowledge and wide experience that her work is based on, makes her one of the most competent coaches I’ve ever worked with, I couldn’t wish for more!”

Nicolin Haider, Police Woman and Coach
Bad Tölz, Germany

“We were very lucky to have Yeshi as our coach during pregnancy and the first six months of parenting. This coaching journey opened me up to new perspectives and creative solutions during one of the most challenging times of my life. I was able to become a mother and parent whilst deepening into my femininity and power as a woman. Now I know how precious a caring and encouraging coach can be in supporting one to be authentic, become a parent and live a more fulfilled relationship. What else could you desire! I can highly recommend Yeshi!”

Anne-Kathrin Rebs, Physician
Potsdam, Germany

“I have know Yeshi for many years … for all this time I have been amazed by her continued embodiment of a deep presence, feminine wisdom and love. She has a magical bag of practical healing knowledge that can unravel the most difficult knots to reveal the spacious well being of health. In her caring and sensitive holding you are sure to open into your greater truth with ease and relaxation. She brings the light touch of joy and laughter to everyone she meets: a happiness that is grounded in a deep care for the welfare of all beings and the natural world around her.
Her commitment to living life in abundance is impressive: how she both juggles the demands of a busy healing practice, a large garden, being a mother and partner whilst able to find time to keep learning, exploring and gathering new skills and cutting edge approaches to healing and well being … she is a Goddess indeed! I can safely assure you that your time with her will be like precious water for your growth through whatever challenges you are facing.”

Leigh Tolson, Conscious Dance DJ and Group Facilitator
Stroud, Great Britain

“Yeshi is an angel that showed up in my life when I needed to gain new perspectives and make choices about where to go next.

In this one-week intensive coaching retreat I received an abundance of powerful and effective tools to make deep changes in my life.

Yeshi was so fiercely present and patient with me that I couldn’t avoid the truth. With her freedom of spirit, tranquility, patience and her sensitive way of working we uncovered how I had lost my path. Together we systematically identified my weak spots, uncovered my conditioning and released my limiting beliefs and then looked at how I could use this freed up energy in a healthy, joyful and rewarding way.

Her light, welcoming and beautiful practice rooms offered me a save environment and space to be with whatever wanted to show up … feelings and emotions, creativity and personal evolving; I was able to drop deep into my feminine.

Now, back in everyday life for a couple of months, I feel nourished and see the impact of the deep work that I’ve done with Yeshi. My alive and awake self is back in place!
I am now able to welcome abundance into my life, full of joy, love, the see fulfillment of my desires. All I need is to be here, right now. Yeshi was the first person in my life who confirmed my assumption and deepened my trust in this ancient wisdom! Through this process of coaching I re-found my true self, my essence.”

Josepha Kempl, Historic Building Consultant
Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Working with Yeshi has completely changed my every day life. The 6 months of coaching has opened me up to a lot of new perspectives on life, love and my profession. Her light and spacious practice rooms are always welcoming, where she creates a space of trust that allows you to be yourself. I have changed limiting patterns of behavior and I now feel better and better about everything. Yeshi supported me to implement what I already knew but had not yet learnt to apply in my life. She coached me through many challenging situations in a very sensitive and gently caring way, and ultimately helped me find my true self. I feel so much more woman.”

Selina Kempl, Child Care Worker
Potsdam, Germany