Goddess Kisses – Paint from Source

Goddess Kisses

The Goddess Kisses Creative Circle is more than a painting workshop.

We will be exploring different techniques that
allow transparency and depth in a painting, creating soft flowing transitions to
bring the divine feminine into focus.

The more we connect spiritually in the creative process, the more we trust, that
every brush stroke and every spatula move, every color shade and every line will fall into its right place,
the more we will be creating on a profound level.

Come and let your heart be touched deeply and gain a fresh perspective on life.

I’m looking forward to meet you!


Please contact me for further information.

Goddess Kisses is an ART of Awakening.
It is the ART of Awakening into
who we truly are
when we’re not holding back anything any longer …
into that which wants to flow through us, when we get out of the way …
into the deliciousness of letting go and allowing.

How often are we driven by “I want to“, rather than considering “what wants to happen“?
How often do we get caught up in an idea of the future and
loose what is actually valuable in this very moment?

We are unwilling to live in uncertainty, wait, and only take one step
when we feel a clear impulse.

What would happen, my sister,
if we no longer rushed our truth into frantic action in this fast-moving, result-orientated society?
What if we gave our creative process the time it needs and deserves?

How often do you wish your daily routine was an easy flow
as if decisions get taken by themselves?

What lightness and sense of purpose could unfold in our lives if we were willing to
listen deeper and allowed ourselves to be guided.

Do you want to feel connected to a
source of inspiration and power?
Do you want trust to lead your action?

Goddess Kisses
is giving you
exactly what you need for that:



Please feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information.
I’m thrilled to speak to you.