About Yeshi

Creatrix • Radical Brilliance Coach • Divine Living Coach

Yeshi Choedon

Yeshi Choedon is a Success Coach for Creative Women Entrepreneurs. For over 15 years her love, humor and expertise have been guiding people to breakthrough and transform their lives. Her work is infused with deep feminine presence and wisdom. Yeshi inspires women to develop powerful strategies to thrive in their business from a feminine and spiritual place, hence bringing forth Radical Brilliance and collective change.

Honoring the sacredness of all life and a sustainable way of living, Yeshi supports ecology-minded businesses to carry out their missions and create global impact. A passionate musician and painter herself, she loves empowering artists so that they may find their unique creative expression while creating a prosperous and sustainable business.

As a Deeper Love Coach, she helps people to explore a new dimension of intimate relationships to not only live the joyful and ecstatic life they desire, but to create a spring of love, creativity and high vibe supporting each one to follow their call and give their gift to the world.

Her hearts desire is to open doors so people become positive creators of their own life. Yeshi encourages the embodiment of natural life rhythms and conscious feminine qualities to create personal, professional and collective change.

Her deep connection with Mother Earth is reflected on many levels; when Yeshi is not in the consultant room you’ll find her with her hands in the soil. From seed to fruit she’s taking care of her plants in her wonderful, abundant garden. Her nourishing culinary creations and her delicious raw chocolates are one of her secrets in maintaining energy and passion for the every day care of clients and her creative projects. To learn the other vital secrets for an ecstatic life you will have to book a session to find out more!

Yeshi loves diving into the buzz and inspiration of a positive conference, as much as into the stillness of the mountains and the vast spaciousness of the ocean. She is a wild soul that loves the freedom to follow her inner voice and in this way she encourages others to do the same. Her integrity is a devotion to practice what she teaches.

In everyday life she relaxes by listening to classical music, playing cello and piano, and dancing 5Rhythms and Tango Argentino.

Yeshi lives, loves and laughs in Freiburg, Germany.

Professional Activity

Yeshi opened up her first practice in Berlin in 2001 working as a Midwife, Health Practitioner, and Yoga Teacher.
Transforming her skills as a midwife and homoeopath, she guides mostly women to birth themselves into a life of abundance, with inner treasures revealed and visions manifested.
Along with her extensive experience, Yeshi is trained in different coaching fields.
She offers face-2-face coaching for women and couples in Freiburg and if you’re online she’s available all around the world, coaching in German and English.