Let Go and Surrender

“Thank you, dear Yeshi. Through you I got to learn a wonderful new technique. Many different layers create a beautiful transparency of the background.
Unexpected structures emerge – and suddenly various forms, shapes and body parts appear – the “Divine Feminine“ is calling you: follow your intuition.
The process opened up a profound self-inquiry, letting go of „I want“ and surrendering more to what is winking at me and pulling me in.
Thank you for this experience.”

Anouk Maucher, 5Rhythms Teacher and Art Teacher
Freiburg, Germany


“Right from the start, I was amazed that a Goddess appeared within me. I could feel her deeply. Her energy remained present throughout the whole painting process and she manifested on the canvas just like I had seen and felt her. Yeshi met all of us where we were with beautifully guided meditations and responses to everyone’s personal needs.

She was always available and able to give useful advice concerning technique, composition and process. We were supported yet had the freedom to dive into our own process.

One of the most important things that I got to learn and experience, is to trust. To follow my impulses and to take the time that I needed. Painting the background took a lot of time, but all of a sudden and completely unexpectedly, my Goddess wanted to come forth.“

Luna Bürger, Photographer 
Freiburg, Germany


“More soon.”

Alhiama Agnes Éber, Coach
Freiburg, Germany

„More soon to come.“

Sabine Frech-Ihrig, Coach
Hockenheim, Germany