Art of Living Magnificence

Facilitating the Embodiment of the Divine Feminine through Painting

Art of Living Magnificence

… is a call to recognize and
embody the Divine Feminine in a deeper way
and let the Goddess shine through us.

The women’s painting circles
that I facilitate are a gift from my own journey as a painter and my desire to
give the power and beauty of the sacred feminine within all of us a face and a voice.
A voice in colour and form.

A voice that doesn’t hold back our truth any longer,
daring to express ourselves not only on the canvas, but become visible in the world.
May we nourish the goddess within us and bring her to full bloom.

In our hearts rests Her love, in our womb Her fire.
May it burn and transform what is in the way of our visions to become real.
May we choose love over fear, over and over again, to
follow our call and boldly take the next step.

The creative act is not about us as an individual but rather that
we are pregnant with something that wants to be born through us.

This is not about your preoccupation with being good enough, something being perfect or
everyone admiring the result of your creative work.

It’s simply about accessing the creativity of the Goddess,
giving your gift to the world – with all the vulnerability that comes with it
when we show up naked, imperfect and in process…
If we are whole-heartedly authentic then our natural power will unfold its magic as well.

What happens when the „Me“ steps aside?

SHE is writing through us.
SHE is composing through us.
SHE is painting through us.
SHE is changing the world through us.

HER call was powerful.
Please enjoy the art on this site.
Students of courses would love to share their voices with you.

I am trembling with excitement to welcome you as a sister to one of our creative Painting Circles that
will bring the shimmering light of rainbows into your life.

I’m also happy to work one2one. Contact me to sculpt the form of this.

You are brilliant.
You are enough!

Rooted in Devotion

My paintings emerge out of my fascination to see them unfolding by themselves. A blessed canvas is fertile soil for a clear intention to seed the appearance of the shimmering authentic feminine.

The more we can relax control, the more new unexpected gifts emerge into the light. Listening to the whisper of the invisible that is both beyond the body and yet deeply within the body allows us to birth every creative impulse out of this very precious moment. This is true when we’re painting as in life.

When we keep listening, the art of allowing merges with active creation as a unique dance: a loving act of devotion that transforms stillness into creative flow.
There is a process unfolding that is connecting us with deep feminine qualities – devotion and receiving to give birth to something new.



“Right from the start, I was amazed that a Goddess appeared within me. I could feel her deeply. Her energy remained present throughout the whole painting process and she manifested on the canvas just like I had seen and felt her. Yeshi met all of us where we were with beautifully guided meditations and responses to everyone’s personal needs.
She was always available and able to give useful advice concerning technique, composition and process. We were supported yet had the freedom to dive into our own process.
One of the most important things that I got to learn and experience, is to trust. To follow my impulses and to take the time that I needed. Painting the background took a lot of time, but all of a sudden and completely unexpectedly, my Goddess wanted to come forth.“

Luna Bürger, Photographer
Freiburg, Germany

Here you will find more appreciations.