Radical Brilliance

Success with the 4-Phase Brilliance Cycle – The Secret to Living Magnificence!

Radical Brilliance

Most people who enjoy a fulfilling and happy life have got something in common. They found their unique way to contribute to this world and live their life in a way that is not just about themselves but about being of service to the greater good.

“Du bist ein natürliches Genie. Du musst nicht darum kämpfen.
Es geht lediglich darum, die schöpferischen Blockaden
zu erkennen und aufzulösen.”

-Arjuna Ardagh

But what do we do when something wants to be born through us and we find ourselves standing in our own way? How do we recognize and release blockages, if we follow every new creative impulse, but we’re lacking structure, determination and persistence to manifest them? What if we are passionate about our project but end up in burn-out lacking self-care? What if we doubt ourselves, consistently focusing on how we could improve ourselves instead of letting go for the sake that something beyond the Me can flow through us? What if we hold on to the bliss of stillness and spaciousness in meditation forgetting that we’ve incarnated on this planet for a reason?

Arjuna Ardagh has developed a map of a brilliance cycle. When four different qualities become part of our daily life and we live all four phases of the cycle brilliance becomes predictable. The model is brilliant in its own unique way and so are you! No need to fight to be a genius. This is what you already are – a natural incarnation that is conscious, creative and simply brilliant … just as a child. We just need to uncover creative blockage and release it.

No matter how challenging living your dreams may appear to you, the solution is inside you! I’m passionate about guiding people so that they can live in the midst of life giving their gift fully.

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