Loving Deeply

Loving Deeply


Loving Deeply helps you to become deeply rooted – in your highest values, your deepest desires and your clear Yes to love.

By embracing radical honesty and deep surrender, we can transform our loving into a luminous dance where we can be ourselves and at the same time feel deeply connected with each other.

Loving Deeply is a fertile field of love and truthfulness with a strong power for awareness and change. Loving Deeply goes well beyond the relationship status – and that’s the real secret.“
Monika Ananda Wiese, Body Worker | Bonn, Germany

“There’s something magical about Yeshi – something deeply inspiring and instantly moving. With Loving Deeply I was able to achieve instant successes in my relationship.“
Ulrica Barandun, Systemic Positioner | Freiburg, Germany

“I am a lover and I am loved, with or without a partner. Loving Deeply empowers and nourishes. Highly recommended for every woman!”
Levka Soder, Naturopath | Freiburg, Germany

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Event Information

  02. February 2022 - 16. March 2022
}  Wednesday, 20:00 - 21:00
n  English

Veranstalter/Event Organizer

   Yeshi Choedon