Purpose Passion Power

Purpose Passion Power


Imagine what a world we could co-create, if we no longer held back our unique gift and stopped dimming our light once and for all!!

Purpose Passion Power will provide you a safe, lively space to grow over the course of 9 months.

Individual Coaching | Group Calls | Community | Members Area | Workbooks | Mastermind | Daily Support

Who’s going to live your dreams, if not you?!

Give yourself fully!

Purpose Passion Power will enable you to:

– make the impossible possible, with a crystal clear vision

– be in your divine, creative power

– bring your soul business / your art to a full bloom

– generate a secure income doing what you love

– innovatively and sustainably shape society, the economy and the environment


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Event Information

  17. January 2022 - 14. December 2022
}  Monday, 19:00 - 21:00
n  English

Veranstalter/Event Organizer

   Yeshi Choedon