Deeper Love for Couples

Deeper Love from the Here and Now

Deeper Love Coaching for Couples

Congratulations for being here and taking responsibility for your intimate relationship!

I believe a couples crisis is always a chance. A chance to come closer to ourselves and speak our truth. A chance to allow deeper intimacy with ourselves and one another. A chance to gain new perspectives and create the love that we truly desire. A chance to free ourselves up, live whole-heartedly and inspire each other by simply being who we are. A chance to connect deeper with ourselves, our partner and life itself.

Do you have an idea of this potential when you are both feeling complete and whole?

Do you sense how you then could meet, contribute to and inspire each other in an abundance of different ways?

Do you intuit that powerful intimacy could nourish and support you to grow and evolve in all areas of your life? 

But is your everyday life completely different from this?!

Do you miss the tingling excitement of seeing each other?

Have you stopped understanding each other?

Do you feel unseen by your partner?

Has the fire of your sensuality become an ongoing argument?

Are you losing your sleep to endless discussions that never bring you any closer?

Do you lie awake at night and ask yourself if you could start over and make a new beginning?

Do the circling thoughts of your heartache eat up your creativity and productivity?

If you have answered
even only one question with a ’Yes’,
then it is time to give your relationship
a refresh with expert loving attention.

Book Your Free
45-min Breakthrough Session
for a new perspective and creative solution!

In this One-on-One Couples Coaching we will explore:
Where are you as a couple?
What are your hopes and desires?
What’s in the way?
What is your potential?

By the end you will know which specific step you could take next to go into deeper love.
We will also speak about the possibility of working together and see how I can support you to have the freedom to live in deeper intimacy.


I want to take a stand for your Love today and encourage you to not settle for less than you actually desire.
The way we love and relate affects all areas of our life. When couple conflicts are resolved and love is given wings, you
can then dedicate your life to what really matters and what you are passionate about.


So come, heal these old wounds, rage and release, grieve and let go, so that hurt can be transformed into an enriching life experience. Let us find a new perspective in how you whole-heartedly can live your own and your relationship’s potential.
Contact me now to transform your relationship!


If you ever get discouraged and feel like you can’t get to where you want, don’t worry! I’ve been there too and you can make it! I share with you the powerful practices that have transformed my life in gratitude for what I’ve been given.


Deeper Love Coaching

Find new perspectives in partnership

for a love that gives you freedon and connection

Find clarity with your values, desires and shared meaning
so that you experience love in your everyday life.

Cultivate a clear, loving communication
for deeper heart opening and harmony.

Explore the power of polarity in relationship
to bring aliveness and deep contact.

Learn how to face anger, disappointment and sadness
so that you can stand with both feet on the ground and enjoy life to the full.

Bring intimacy, pleasure and ecstasy to full blossom,
and experience it as vital life force in your everyday life.

Heal wounds and find inner peace.

Let your children have the experience
that crises are opportunities that bring us closer
to ourselves and one another.

Allowing your children to have a happy home life free of toxic emotions.

Live a fulfilled life and thrive in your profession,
because relationship now gives energy
rather than draining you.

In my 20’s I was longing for a loving partnership but was lacking examples of authentic, healthy, dynamic relationships. I was yearning to find deeper love with a partner so I moulded myself into whatever shape was necessary to avoid being abandoned. I wanted to be loved, and of course, repeated the patterns of my early childhood. So bit by bit I found myself in relationships where the passion became dormant because I didn’t know to keep it alive and I became bored and increasingly irritated by little things.

The more I got to know myself and I broke out of my conditioning the more my self-confidence was growing. I learned to show my vulnerability and from then onwards being authentic in relationship was so much more fun. Now deep love and intimacy could evolve in my partnership.

Of course there were times when I got lost in endless discussions … I was motivated by a deep need to be seen. But it had the opposite result and I was left feeling more separate and exhausted. Often I pulled back feeling misunderstood and hurt and needed one or two days to drop the armour and open up again. Do you ever have those times when every argument leaves you with a new wound, when you feel caught between the love and all these destructive patterns?

There was a pivotal moment when I realized I didn’t have to take my partners reactions personally and I dropped deeper into love by finding a way to stay in touch by appropriately expressing my feelings.

This was a vital key in my understanding and ability to practice the dance between radical union and radical separation which keeps the spark of polarity alive and the relationship authentic and ecstatic.


Yes, I’d love to join!

Deeper Love for Couples

I understand that the 12-Week Program includes:

Welcome Package
To clarify your desires and what’s in the way and
for us to get to know each other better so you’ll get the best out of your coaching time.

120-min Initial Intensive
Allowing you to go for it! Dive deep straight away momentum and to clarify your outcomes that we’ll be holding as a vision through the coaching process.

12 weekly 60-min Coaching Sessions
To guide you so that you’ll get consistent support and guidance on reaching your goals.

Recording Of Each Session
So that you can listen to a previous session and get deeper insights whenever you like.

Emergence Support
In between sessions so that you can release resistance as soon as possible.

Daily Home Assignments
Assigned in between your sessions, so that you can integrate and embody what you’ve learned, deepen your awareness and take action to be living magnificence.

Daily Written Coaching Reports
Taking a few minutes every day to honor and celebrate your wins, share your challenges of every day and hold yourself accountable by reflecting on your daily practices.

Daily Feedback On Coaching Reports
This way you’ll receive daily support and encouragement from me so you’ll make fast progress and create the circumstance to live the life you desire.

Yeshi Choedon

20 years of professional coaching experience.
Certified Deeper Love & Business Coach.
English/ German
In Person/ Zoom

Yeshi empowers you to be yourself, choose love
over fear, and live the life you desire. When working with
Yeshi you will be held in a safe space. Her care, humor and
expertise will help you take your life to a new level.

By embracing radical honesty and deep surrender you can transform your love relationship into a vital dance where you can be yourself and also feel deeply connected with each other.

It is possible!!!
Let me invite you to a new dimension
of intimate relationship.

Yes, I’m ready to live the relationship that I truly desire!


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