Sexuality & Ecstasy

Deeper Heart Opening And Intimacy

Sexuality & Ecstasy

In my experience one of the most common pitfalls in an intimate sexual relationship is where the couple find they touch, kiss and love in a habitual way. It kind of works for a while but all too often the passion disappears. Both people go on repeating what worked before but it becomes less and less fulfilling. Has this ever happened to you? If you’re really honest is this where you find yourself now?

Well thank God there is a way to return to the beauty of your original attraction!

A sensual sex life is born in the magic of the present moment, it doesn’t follow a prescribed form. Eros thrives in the freshness of deeper love and intimacy and asks for absolute loving presence in the Here and Now. It takes courage to step out of the familiar comfort zone and be with the arising physical sensations and feelings and keep letting go of past and future thoughts.

Do you feel vulnerable when you just think of letting go of control? If you, as a couple, create a safe space to allow this feeling of vulnerability, it can open the door to deeper merging and ecstacy that goes way beyond the physical experience. If we let go of our obsession with orgasm and instead surrender to each moment of sensual touch and intimacy we invite the orgasmic energy to expand into endless waves throughout our whole being, filling us with bliss and loving connection.

Life is full of rhythm. If we allow the valley, with its moments of stillness and emptiness, accepting this as an essential part of the whole then we will naturally experience the high peaks of orgasmic ecstacy.

I am here to support you on your journey into deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner in your everyday life. This is what I consider to be the essential foundation for a fulfilled erotic juicy sensual orgasmic love life!!!

I offer you everyday practices that encourage the dance of polarity to increase the spark of attraction between you and your partner to transform the quality of your sexual sharing so that every love making is an unknown journey of discovery that takes you deeper into your self and into love.
In your work with me as a coach you will receive a powerful fusion of methods of awakening and transformational coaching and tantric practices. In this way present conflicts and any limiting beliefs that block your fulfilled sexual expression can be dissolved so that sexuality can be experienced in a new way— loving healing holy energetic vibrant radiant. The beautiful thing is that these gifts of love will also manifest in your everyday life, so that you feel inspired, revitalized and creatively ecstatic! Sounds good? Well what are you waiting for? Get in touch!

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