Prices & Details

Prices & Details

I’m looking forward to be working with you! I offer Coaching in English and German.
I offer a variety of ways to work with me: One-on-One coaching intensives of 90 minute or one day sessions and One-on-One 90 day coaching packages with weekly sessions increasing to daily sessions with the premium package.

Book your Complementary Discovery Session so that we can get to know each other, see how I can help you and find out which signature programme would serve you best.

SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE ORIENTATION CALLI always start with a free discovery session to see how I can help you and which program is the right fit for you.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

90-min Intensive

Includes the following services:

This 90-min session offers you deep insight and the steps forward to create the life you desire. It is ideal if you would like to work on a specific theme and is also a great opportunity to find out how we work together.

One-on-One Coaching

One Day Intensive

Includes the following services:

This is perfect if you are looking to focus deeply on one area of your life, such as Radical Brilliance – Mission – Business – Deeper Love in alignment with your values, femininity and spirituality.
A One Day Intensive is a powerful way to catalyse change and get rapid results. You will receive inspiration and practical solutions that will be of benefit over time.
This one day intensive takes place at my beautiful practice in Freiburg Zähringen. Healthy organic food and refreshments will be provided.
I am also willing to travel to you, though this will incur extra costs. Or you can simply meet me online.

One-On-One Coaching
Programmes Over 12 Weeks

Premium Signature Programme

Includes the following services:

✓ Welcome Package

To clarify your desires and what’s in the way and for us to get to know each other better so you’ll get the best out of your coaching time.

✓ 120-min Initial Intensive

Allowing you to go for it! Dive deep straight away to get momentum and clarify your outcomes that we’ll be holding as a vision through the coaching process.

✓ 12 weekly 60-min One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Receive consistent guidance and support. Gain new perspectives that allow you to take the right decisions that are in alignment with your heart, mind and soul, and take appropriate action on them to move forward and manifest your desires.

✓ Replay Of Each Session
So that you can listen to a previous session and get deeper insights whenever you like.

✓ Radical Releasing Mon-Fri
This is my offer to you in between our weekly sessions, so that you can release resistance and limiting beliefs as soon as possible to move forward.

✓ Daily Home Assignments
Assigned in between our sessions, so that you can integrate and embody what you’ve learned, deepen your awareness and take the right action on reaching your goals.

✓ Daily Written Coaching Reports
Taking a few minutes every day to honor and celebrate your wins, share your challenges of every day and hold yourself accountable by reflecting on your daily practices.

✓ Daily Feedback On Coaching Reports
This way you’ll receive daily support from me so you’ll make fast progress and create the circumstance to live the life you desire and create the impact you’re meant to make in the world.

SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE ORIENTATION CALLI always start with a free discovery session to see how I can help you and which program is the right fit for you.

Cancellation Policy

If for whatever reason you can’t make a session I ask that you contact me at least 2 working days/48 hours before hand. Please understand that as I run a very busy schedule I will have to charge for appointments that are cancelled after that time.

Precondition for working with me

Coaching means taking full responsibility for your present life situation. To work with me you need to be willing to recognize the consequences of your thoughts and actions and how this manifests your life. In the process of coaching you must be willing to make conscious choices that will support you to achieve you desired outcomes. That doesn’t mean you need to know the path to the life your desiring, it simply means you need to be willing to walk the path. I am here to guide and make the maps with you that will help you find your own way, your own answers and your own solutions.

An openness to make a deep enquiry into your self, especially your patterns and beliefs, and take new perspectives is essential pre-requisite for working with me. If there is a gap between your idea of a fulfilled healthy life and your actual manifestation we need to take a closer look to bring your dream and reality into alignment. Along with this you need to make time for practices at home that support your inner growth and the realisation of your goals. The more you get actively involved the more you will benefit from working with me!

SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE ORIENTATION CALLI always start with a free discovery session to see how I can help you and which program is the right fit for you.