Living Magnificence will encourage you to embody your unique gifts so that you
can live your life with purpose being an inspiration to others.


Do you need a break from the stress of the daily grind?
Are you longing to slow down enough so you can immerse yourself in the song of the birds on the wind and feel the stillness of the night. Do you need to be in nature, feel your feet on the earth and give yourself some quality time?
Then come to Soluna Health Practice and enjoy a six day solo retreat. Once a month I offer a special one-2-one retreat, a unique fusion of yoga & meditation – for a clear mind and supple body, coaching – for clarity and inner growth, homoeopathy massage and sound therapy – for integrated wellbeing. Here you can relax, recharge, and refocus on how to create your dreams.

Live Your Dream!

This new offer fills me with joy; to guide such a personal and intense transformation over 6 days is such a gift.
After more than 15 years experience being a health guide and coach I feel my skills are evolving into something completely new. A long cherished dream is coming into being. I am very happy to bring my unique gift into the world and support you to do the same. This retreat offers you a way to become aware of your potential, connect with your resources and dissolve limiting beliefs so you can take the next steps to create the life you desire.

If your interested then feel free to contact me for a free discovery call so we can find out how I can best be of service to you.


Your 6 Day Retreat includes the following:

  • 1st Consultation: 1 x 90 min, on arrival day afternoon or evening
  • Yoga, Pranayma and Meditation: 6 x 60 min, every morning
  • Body- and Sound Massage: 2 x 60 min
  • Transformational Coaching: 3 x 75 min
  • Transformational Coaching: 2 x 45 min
  • Holistic Homoeopathy/Nutrition: 1 x 60 min

I offer you a follow up session within 4 weeks for the integration of what you’ve learnt during the retreat.

  • Transformational Coaching: 2 x 30 min
  • Holistic Homoeopathy: 1 x 60 min

I can adjust the retreat content to suit your needs and tailor made features can be booked subject to our mutual agreement.

Place of Power in the Golmer Luch

This place of rejuvenation offers you healing for body – mind – soul and conscious inner growth. The beautiful meadows and looks of the area are inviting you for restorative walks. Directly from the house you can explore the Golm … by foot or by bicycle.